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Monsters is a powerful NPC Database and Editor made by Zeus Unite, that can be used in any Unity Game Project to Create and Manage Non Player Characters. Quick, Easy and  Visualized!

Introduction of Zeus Unite - Monsters

Monsters is a Great Extension to bring Non Player Characters to your Unity Game Project. The Zeus Unite Monsters Asset is used to Manage NPC Databases and their Properties of those Non Player Characters. With Game Ready Solutions such as a Finite State Machine, Unit Health System and Damage  Interface you can bring Monsters and other Non Player Characters quickly and alive inside your Game.


The System is designed to work in both 2D and 3D Environment, it fits for any Genre that contains NPC’s such as Monsters and other Enemy Types. Quest Characters and many more can be created and managed.

Prepared Functions will help you to Compare Attributes and use the Databases for Runtime.

Table of Contents

Monsters Features

Visual NPC and Monsters Database Editor

  • Add, Edit and Remove different Non Player Characters Types and Databases

Manage Multiple Databases to keep your NPC’s Sorted. For easy Access all Databases are defined as enum inside the Project to Sort and Access them.

  • Add, Edit and Remove Non Player Characters Subtypes (enum)

The Non Player Characters Subtypes are enums that are generated to build Logic for different NPC’s

  • Add, Edit and Remove Non Player Characters

Non Player Character Editor,. Add Properties, Values, Attributes and Tags and Create the Non Player Characters that are needed inside the Game Project.

  • Add, Edit and Remove Attributes

Attributes uses the same Database as the Zeus Unite – Item Database Management System. The both Assets are fully compatible with each other.

Non Player Character Systems in Monsters

Finite State Machine

Unit Controller

Health and Damage System

Monsters Third Party Support

The Finite State Machine and Unit Controller is tested and can be easily used in combination with the following Pathfinding Solutions.

Monsters works excellent in Combination with the following Assets:

Includes our Script Library

With lots of Unity Ready to use Scripts to Create your Game!

Check the Zeus Unite Online Manual for the most recent Version and detailed Information: