Zeus Unite
Game Core for Unity

The Zeus Unite Game Core is a Unity asset and template for a game setup.The Event-Driven Pattern Core system can be connected to existing game logic or used to quickly and easily create your own game logic.

Introduction of Zeus Unite - Game Core

With Ready to Use Scene Templates like Intro, Main Menu and Game Level. The Game Core provides with his full Graphic and Audio Settings Controller a AAA Quality Start Point for any Type of Game while being ready for Built-In-Pipeline and the Universal-Renderer-Pipeline. (HDRI Not Tested)

Different Fader provides smooth transitions between Scenes to give a AAA Quality Look. Animations, Fader, Interfaces can be Customized with your own preferences. An easy to use Setup will Guide you through the Basics.

The System is independent and can be Added inside any  Unity Project,  Existing or New Ones. It can be easily Integrated in existing Projects and Mechanics can be hooked up to the  Simulation  Event Driven Game Controller to Start and End the Game.

The Zeus Unite Game Core comes with roughly 450-500 carefully crafted executable Lines of Code and is a Powerful Game Kit for any Unity Game Project.

Table of Contents


Simulation Core

The Simulation class implements an event driven pattern, that can be used to control Transitions, Game States and to Simulate Game Logic.. Events get Scheduled in a Pool and  Executed. It also offers a Timed Scheduler. Game Logic can be executed after a certain Time Period.

Scene and GameState Controller

With the help of the Simulation Core, States like Start, Pause, Game Over are handled. Additional Systems can be easily hooked up to the Game State to guarantee and provide a smooth transition between Scenes and Game States.

Additional Game States can be integrated and existing ones can be Changed. The Interfaces are accessible inside the Project Folder as Prefabs which can be manipulated.

Settings Controller

The Settings System comes with a Graphics Controller, Audio Player and Manager. Audio Sources get created on Runtime and Pooled inside a fast and easy Pooling System specially Designed to Play Audio Clips within the Game Core System  from any Point inside the Game. The Game Settings can be accessed during the Game Play Mode.

Settings Controller

  • The Settings Controller gets Instantiated at Runtime at any Point you will make use of the Settings Controller. This makes the Controller available in all Scenes you gonna Access the Controller without the need of a Setup. Because of this flexibility it is easy to use the Settings Panel in existing Projects and Hook the settings up on an existing User Interface.

Audio Controller Features

  • Prepared Audio Mixer to define Audio Groups for Volume Control
  • True Logarithm Slider for precise Audio Volume control
  • Round Robin Audio Shot System,, Setup multiple Audio Clips  and the Audio Player will play them randomly
  • Audio Settings get saved as PlayerPrefs Local
  • Easy to Extend, Easy to Hook Up to Existing Audio Mixer

Graphics Controller Features

  • Universal Render Pipeline Ready
  • Pulls Graphic Quality Settings from the Project to Display and Select.
  • Graphic Settings get Saved local as PlayerPrefs

Time Manager

Control the Time inside the Game. The Time Manager offers various options to Manage the Time Scale inside Unity. It can be used to create  Time Effects or simply Stop the Time  to Pause or Resume.

The Simulation Core comes with a Pause Manager and a Game Speed Controller. The Game Speed Controller can be individually Configured in the Setup.


The systems are built to reconstruct themselves during runtime. So whenever you call something from the Game Core, the necessary data and objects are loaded at runtime. There is no need to instantiate or set up scenes for your Basic Game Core anymore!


Intro Scene

A Intro Template that provides your Game a Starting Point. The Intro can be used to Load Settings and other Stuff before the actual Game Starts. It also prevents the Game from accessing the Menu Scene before the Player presses a Key to confirm he’s Ready. In Games with Networking this helps to prevent unnecessary Traffic before the Player really starts the Game.

Menu Scene

The Menu Template provides you a Navigation through the Main Parts of the Asset and later your Game. This Scene can be modified with additional Needs or you can Hook up your already Created Scene and Change just the Buttons to work with the Game Core.

Game Scene

The Game Scene is an Empty Scene just to Demonstrate the use of the Game Core. You can Start the Game, Pause the Game, Restart the Game, Exit the Game

Test the Demo Scene

You can Test the Demo Scene of our Zeus Unite Game Core, which is working on all Platforms Unity 2021 can Compile to. Including Mobile and Web. The Game Core is also suitable to handle Mobile Games, however the UI Templates are only available for 16:9 Screens

Includes our Script Library


With lots of Unity Ready to use Scripts to Create your Game!

Check the Zeus Unite Online Manual for the most recent Version and detailed Information::

Zeus Unite – Game Core Manual (docs.google)