Zeus Unite
Enum Editor

The Enum Editor lets you quickly create visualized enum lists in the Unity Editor by object lists or string list

Introduction of Zeus Unite - Enum Editor

Create an enum with any object available in the Unity project folder. Drag the desired object into the Enum Editor as an enum within a list.

Easily and vividly, you can create a list of strings and create an enum of your choice.

To make enums consistent when changes are made, they are initialized with a hashcode as key.

Within the enum editor, you can edit the created enums or go directly to the enum script for editing.

Enums are perfect for sorting, Finding objects and types and More can be done with enums.

There are many use cases and the enum editor is free!

Table of Contents

Enum Editor Features

  • Create Enum by Unity Project Objects
  • Create Enum by Name as String Lists
  • Edit Created Enum Lists

Enum Editor Compatibility

The Enum Editor is used in our Assets and  provides additional Features

Zeus Unite - Item Database

Generating whole Item and Blueprint Lists

Zeus Unite - Monsters

Generating whole NPC Lists

Other Enum Editor Information

Open Source

The Enum Editor is available as Open Source Repository on Github.

Check the Zeus Unite Online Manual for the most recent Version and detailed Information: