Zeus Unite
Easy Audio Scene

Zeus Unite: Easy Audio Scene is an easy and lightweight tool that enables the implementation of adjustable audio volume settings with a user interface and an audio player that plays any audio clip, from any script, with just one line of code including demo and manual.

Implement Audio Player and Volume Adjustment in under 5 Minutes to any Unity Project.

Get Audio Player and Volume Settings inside your Unity Project!

Implement an audio controller with audio settings and a user interface for any of your Unity projects within 5 minutes.

Easy Audio has an easy setup and can be used in any Unity game through any scene. It self-destructs if it is already available in the scene.

Easy Audio gives the player full control over the volume. The settings are saved at runtime and are available in the next session.


  • Audio Settings panel gets built in Runtime.
  • Individual hotkey to open audio settings.
  • Player volume settings get saved in PlayerPrefs local.
  • Logarithm slider with the value from -80 to 0 (Unity Audio).
  • Audio Settings Panel open button.
  • Audio Player to call audio clips static from any script.
  • Audio Shot, add this class to your scripts and call play to instantiate a single audio clip in 2D or 3D space.
  • Audio Pooling, a small and simple object Pool for Audio Sources, to prevent CPU overhead during runtime.


  • TextMeshPro Support.
  • Full Source Code. Easy to Extend.

Easy Audio Scene is Free