Zeus Unite
Unity Editor Solutions
for your Game Projects

Creating Unity Editor Assets and solutions that increase the workflow inside Unity. Our assets can be used and customized easily and are suitable for the majority of Game Projects. The Assets we produce are huge helpers and safes you hundreds of work hours for Basic Game Features.

Our Premium Unity Assets

Item Database

Manage Databases inside Unity and create thousand of Items with the Zeus Unite Item Editor. Quick, Easy and Visualized ready For your Unity Game Project!

Game Core

The Zeus Unite Game Core is a Unity asset and template for a game setup.The Event-Driven Pattern Core system can be connected to existing game logic or used to quickly and easily create your own game logic.


Monsters is a powerful NPC Database and Editor made by Zeus Unite, that can be used in any Unity Game Project to Create and Manage Non Player Characters. Quick, Easy and Visualized!

Our Free Unity Assets

Enum Editor

The Enum Editor lets you quickly create visualized enum lists in the Unity Editor by object lists or string list

Dice Generator

With the Dice Generator you can quickly create random dice, character and percentage values for your table top and RNG game. Easy to integrate and expand for your next game project!

Easy Audio Scene

Implement Volume Control and Audio Player in every Unity Project in under 5 Minutes!

News and Information

Robot AIArt_StusseGames_Watermarked_LonelyRobot

Themed Robot AIArt Generation

Exploring the Robot AIArt Theme was very interesting. Midjourney’s Artificial Intelligence created fantastic AIArt, but still to get to the Endresult we were satisfied we created beyond 200 Pictures.

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Stylized Blue Dog

Themed Dog AIArt Generation

Creating these images and artworks with the Prompt Dog didn’t go so well at first.

But after a few hours the results got better and better.

We developed several approaches based mainly on the German Shepherd, as it is one of the most popular and also well known to Midjourney Artificial Intelligence.

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