Without Limits
World and Game Creation
TTRPG Rulebook and SDR

Without Limits is a SDR Ruleset to Create OSR Table Top Games that can be played with Pen, Paper and Dice without GM

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Gameplay Creation

  • Day Mechanic
  • World, Move Mechanic
  • Flee Mechanic
  • Trap Mechanic
  • Rest Mechanic
  • Combat Mechanic
  • Boss Mechanic

Game Creation


  • X – Card Mechanic
  • Crafting and Resources (We are working on  this Addon)
  • Multiplayer (We are working on  this Addon)

The Ruleset is Inspired by:

Business Card Dungeon

Explorer of the Lost Page

Without Limits – An Artificial Journey

Without Limits Ruleset is released under
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Games Released with the Without Limits - TTRPG Rulebook

Soon on DriveThruRPG

Skeletons Must Die TTRPG Available at

An Artificial Journey at

Check Card Without Limits Artificial Intelligence TTRPG Game

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We Wish everyone a great Adventure with Skeletons Must Die, A TTRPG by Stusse Games

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