Without Limits
Dungeon Legends
Dice 6 Dungeon Crawler

Dungeon Legends
is a GM or GMLess 1-3 Player
Without Limits Journey through
a 3 x Dice 6 Dungeon Crawler World

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Dungeon Legends

These Times needs strong Heroes, the Races are united and ready to fight against the Evil. The Oracles will bring those Heroes to their Destiny. You are the Hero!

Explore a Huge Fantasy Dungeon alone or with Friends as it is Designed for Single and Multiplayer. With a GM or without every Hero will have a Destiny.

Dungeon Legends Information

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Dungeon Legends Without Limits TTRPG Cover Image Papyrus Book Style
Dundeon Legends Monster Cards Preview of Imps
Dundeon Legends Monster Cards Preview of Imps

Package Includes



  • Recommended Age: +12 Years
  • +180 Minutes for a Full Session depending on your Speed and Luck. Multiplayer and more.
  • Sessions can be closed/paused and continued later.

Requirements to Play