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We explain in our Unity Editor section why it makes sense to create your own editor scripts, how to create them, and provide you with useful information and open source scripts that you can use and extend for your projects while increasing the performance and development process of your Unity game.

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Its useful to create an Editor Script in Unity for various Reason.

Let’s say you have an object database and you have scriptable objects for missions that need something to collect to complete.

Normally you search the object database for the name or ID of the object and then paste the name or ID number into the inspector. It then usually looks like the 2 images below.

The ItemToCollect variable contains the ID number of the database so that when the mission is triggered, it knows which item needs to be collected.

It's not Handy if the Database grows.

Even if you have only 10 items, you can remember the individual items and IDs and add them to your mission. This is not the problem. You can do this even with a thousand items.

But it’ s time consuming and takes a lot of effort.

Meanwhile, you could have written an editor script in 1 to 2 hours that changes the way you work with the items and speeds things up.

Make a Unity Editor PopUp and Display the Name instead of the ID.

Change the Way you work Inside Unity

					using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class BeginEndHorizontalExample : EditorWindow
    [MenuItem("Examples/Begin-End Horizontal usage")]
    static void Init()
        BeginEndHorizontalExample window = (BeginEndHorizontalExample)GetWindow(typeof(BeginEndHorizontalExample));

    void OnGUI()
        Rect r = EditorGUILayout.BeginHorizontal("Button");
        if (GUI.Button(r, GUIContent.none))
            Debug.Log("Go here");
        GUILayout.Label("I'm inside the button");
        GUILayout.Label("So am I");
//Script From Unity Docs

You Can Go as Far as you wanna go with Editor Scripting