Robot AIArt_StusseGames_Watermarked_LonelyRobot

Themed Robot AIArt Generation

Exploring the Robot AIArt Theme was very interesting. Midjourney's Artificial Intelligence created fantastic AIArt, but still to get to the Endresult we were satisfied we created beyond 200 Pictures.

In this Gallery we explored the Theme Robot AIArt


Total Amount:

In Total we have Created more then 200 Pictures.

Best Off Robot AIArt

14 Pictures with a reasonable quality

Robot AIArt_StusseGames_Watermarked_LonelyRobot
Lonely Robot on a Red Planet

Robot AIArt Shop

Pictures in Super High Resolution up  to 10K

Coming Soon…

Main Prompts



Theme: Robot AIArt

The Theme of the Day was Robot


As usual, we started by creating some normal images with the –v 3 and –ar 16:9 settings in relaxed mode. After a few tries with different prompts, we finally got a path to follow to create our robot images.

When we were happy with the result, we upscaled the image and then remastered it.

It often takes several tries and we have to regenerate the images over and over again.

In the end, we had over 200 robot images. After we sorted them out, there were only 14 images left that had reasonable results, and of course we got our amazing Lonely Robot on a Red Planet.

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