AIArt_Stusse_Games_Square_Watermarked_Griffin_1 Gryphon

Themed Gryphon AIArt Generation

To Create Creatures and Units for our upcoming Table Top Game, Dungeon Legends Crawler we explored the Prompt around Gryphon and came up with some pretty AIArt

In this Gallery we explored the Theme Gryphon AIArt


Total Amount:

In Total we have Created about 150 Gryphon Pictures to get to this Results.

Best Off

10 of the Best Pictures we created with the Prompt Griffing and various options.


Main Prompts



Gryphon Conclusion

We have explored different directions of the gryphon, the midjourney AI came up with humanoid gryphons at some point without using a prompt with human.

However, as I use different types of armor prompts, this causes the AI to eventually get confused with humanoids in armor with gryphon wings.

It is quite interesting how the AI interprets the prompts used in all variants. The results could be even better. The overall result could be better.

I would also like to see Midjourney offer a special artificial intelligence to recreate eyes and heads, more realistically replicating the eyes in pictures and others.

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