Stylized Blue Dog

Themed Dog AIArt Generation

Creating these images and artworks with the Prompt Dog didn't go so well at first. But after a few hours the results got better and better. We developed several approaches based mainly on the German Shepherd, as it is one of the most popular and also well known to Midjourney Artificial Intelligence.

In this Gallery we explored the Theme Dog AIArt


Total Amount:

In Total we have Created more then 252 Pictures.

Best Off

20 Pictures with a reasonable quality

Dog AIArt_StusseGames_Watermarked_3

Dog AIArt Shop

Pictures in Super High Resolution up  to 10K

Coming Soon…

Main Prompts




Waking Up and seeing the New MidJourney Daily Theme.

The Theme Dog sounds very interesting and we Love Dogs. So Time to Jump on the Daily Theme Train and generate some Artificial Artwork.

We’ll start by creating the first set of images in normal mode. It’s very interesting to quickly create a few simple images with default settings.

Don’t forget to set your format so that the upscaling puts it in the right format.

We created more than 250 images this round, but honestly didn’t get good results. Only about 20 images that are reasonably okay.

No really great artwork came out of it, but we explored some cool renderers and possibilities with this tag theme, and it was a lot of fun.

Let us know what you guys think of this gallery.

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