Update #2 For Aircraft Sketch Shooter

#Update #2 For Aircraft Sketch Shooter goes Live.

We Improved the Gameplay and Overall #Experience in Aircraft Sketch Shooter.

Additional #Languages Available

#AircraftSketchShooter will be now available in Multiple Languages.
#English, #German, #Japanese, #Russian, #Spanish, #Chinese (Simplified) and #Portuguese.

The Game detects your #System Language and change the Language based on your System.

New #UserInterface

The whole User Interface has been Changed to improve the #Visual Quality of the Menus and the #Game.

#Weapon System #Rework

We reworked the Weapon System to make it more reliable and easier to Understand
New Weapon Interface to display your Weapon Status.

Power Up Redesign

We have redesigned the Power Ups to make them easier to #Collect and Visible.


We have added Tutorials to the Game, to help the Player to understand the Interface and Power Ups better.

Choose your Style at the Beginning

We added another Scene at the Beginning so the #Player can select the #GraphicStyle he wants to #Play. This ensures also that everyone see this #Feature of #AircraftSketchShooter.

Other Changes:

  • We Fixed a Glitch in Level 5 were the Arrows of the Boss didn’t disappear.
  • The Level 5 Boss has now a bigger duration before he goes in Transition.
  • We Improved the Shooting Sound Quality of the Normal and Special Shot.

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Aircraft Sketch Shooter – Highscore Weekend

To Celebrate the Launch of Aircraft Sketch Shooter our First Computer Game, we are doing a Highscore Weekend, from Saturday 30.01.2021 (15:00utc) Until 31.01.2021 (15:00utc)

We also releasing a Demo Version of Aircraft Sketch Shooter, so everyone can Download the Demo, Test the Game and participate on a Airfield for the Highscore List.

Team, Friends aswell as Content Creator will participate during this Weekend and try to reach the Highest Scores.

Aircraft Sketch Shooter Highscore List Display

Everyone is welcome to Join and Participate on the Highscore Race or Watch us Live.

On Twitch

The Developers will Stream the Game Live on Twitch and Steam.

The Game gets Streamed by Content Creators on Twitch, Youtube and Steam Live.


During the Content, you can Win Free Aircraft Sketch Shooter Steam Keys and also join the Highscore Race.

Winning on Score Lists

The Winners of different selected Highscore List Sections (Choosen soon), will also get an Additional Free Aircraft Sketch Shooter Steam Key for Friends.

The Winners also will get a Free Early Access to our Upcoming Game (Once Available)

For Content Creator and Streamer

Reach us out on social@stusse-games.com on Twitter: @StusseGames if you are Interested in Collaboration and a Free Copies. You will be able to Test the Game in advance and decide for a Review and Streaming.

(We not give out to anyone who claims himself the Titel Content Creator Free Copies of the Game, we reserve us the right to choose the Content Creators)

Collaborate with us and give something to your Viewers, you will recieve Free Steam Keys for your Community and Informations around Aircraft Sketch Shooter.

Additional Goals:

We are planning for 1. March to release Aircraft Sketch Shooter in different Languages.