Interesting to see Inventory System UML Diagrams

Here we show you a bunch of our UML Diagrams for our Inventory System. You can use them to build your own Inventory System, it will give you an Overview on which Tasks and Steps are Required to Setup a functional Inventory System.

The  UML Diagrams are designed to work with the Zeus Unite – Item Database Management System , a Free Unity Asset to Manage Items.

Aircraft Sketch Shooter Update #3

Steam Summer Sale Picture for Video Games with Aircraft Sketch Shooter Design

Aircraft Sketch Shooter is now in Summer Sale We are giving the game its 3rd update to improve the overall quality of the game. We also implement the new Server API and bring back the Highscore lists. Now the Steam Summer Sale has also just started. We’d like to thank everyone who helped us get […]

Update #2 For Aircraft Sketch Shooter

Update #2 For Aircraft Sketch Shooter goes Live. We Improved the Gameplay and Overall Experience in Aircraft Sketch Shooter. Additional Languages Available AircraftSketchShooter will be now available in Multiple Languages.English, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified) and Portuguese. The Game detects your System Language and change the Language based on your System. New UserInterface The […]