Make a Gizmos.DrawLine thicker with Handles.DrawBrezier

You can Thicken your Gizmos.DrawLine by replacing it with the Handles.DrawBrezier Function.

To be fair this is not 100% a Line but it will do the trick



If you are using Handles.DrawBrezier you will need to add the “using UnityEditor” Directive. This little Trick helps to visualize Important Lines.

You also can pass a Texture if you wanna try it out.

					    void OnDrawGizmos()  
        Vector3 positionOne = new (0,0,0);
        Vector3 positionTwo = new (10, 10, 10);

        //We are Using Handles.DrawBrezier and need the Directive: using UnityEditor
        var thick = 53;
        Handles.DrawBezier(positionOne, positionTwo, positionOne, positionTwo,, null, thick);

        //Gizmos are inside the Directive: using UnityEngine
        //Gizmos.color =;
        //Gizmos.DrawLine(positionOne, positionTwo);

Happy Development <3

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