Interesting to see Inventory System UML Diagrams

Here we show you a bunch of our UML Diagrams for our Inventory System. You can use them to build your own Inventory System, it will give you an Overview on which Tasks and Steps are Required to Setup a functional Inventory System. The  UML Diagrams are designed to work with the Zeus Unite - Item Database Management System , a Free Unity Asset to Manage Items.

What is UML - Unified Modelling Language

Add Item to Inventory UML Activity Diagram

Inventory Drag and Drop UML Activity Diagram

This is the Basic Idea of a Drag and Drop System inside a Inventory

“The Player starts Dragging a Item”
and we End always with
“Clean Parameters”

on the way we will ask a bunch of different Questions to the System in order to proceed correctly with our following Logic.

The Question if the Inventory has enough Space is also based on the Inventory Space System you are using. The Logic will be different between Grid Based, Slot Inventories, Grid Size Based and other Inventory Types.

You need to Check for Limitations such as: Check If the Item can be Stacked and whats the Maximum Stack Size, if you have Limitations on that. There also the possibilitie for Endless Inventories. Without Weight or anything.

Inventory Add Item and Inventory Start Drag In One UML Activity Diagram

This Diagram shows how to Combine Two Actitivities together and is extendet with a Max Stack Action and should give you the Direction how to solve the Logic of a Drag and Drop Item Slot Inventory System with 2 Different Functions.

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The End

We hope we have been able to give you some ideas for designing your own inventory system. There may be more or less things to consider when creating an inventory system and is based on the Project.

Using UML in game projects can be very handy. It is easy to understand and gives you an overview of the logic you are about to create.

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