First Platforms Ban AIArt created by Artificial Intelligence, appropiate?

Artists see their Job in Danger and start Fighting against Art that is Generated by Artificial Intelligence such as ArtBreeder and Midjourney. But is is necessary and appropiated to do so? A Controversial Post by Stusse Games

Black Day for AI Artists and AI Art? Is it a Hype? Is it a Bad thing? AIArt gets into Critique and banned on First Platforms. Whats about this Ban AIArt?

One of the art platforms, Fur Affinity updated their Policy and banned the AI Art entirely from their Site:

Now we can say this platform doesn’t always show the Best Art. To be honest, 95% of the works on the platform are neither aesthetic nor beautiful. Some of them are painted by children or incompetent artists who think they have created something special, but it is a waste of time for others to even look at it.

Ban AIArt?! Ban Artists?! Stupid!

You are an artist and paint pictures? Artificial Intelligence will create pictures in the future, faster and more cost efficient than the artist ever could.

The outcry is only so great because many artists see their work in danger, even their existence. Is this justified?

Quite clearly, yes. Other professions are also struggling with the fact that they will be replaced by artificial intelligence, and sooner or later the progress of artificial intelligence and machine learning will cover many areas of industry and replace workers in all kind of professions.

The outcry is now the attempt of artists to stop progress. The fear that their average works now no longer receive any attention.

But let’s not forget that AIArt was made possible by artists uploading billions of images to the Internet. So it is a homemade problem of artists.

What are the advantages of AIArt?

Well, especially for us as indie developers, these artificial intelligences are a real blessing. Without any painting talent or abstract fantasy, we are able to create images that outshine the works of most artists. Yes, you are meant as an artist who delivers only mediocre works.

We don’t need a concept artist anymore who costs us a fortune and theoretically contributes nothing to the company except to create the concept, for which he needs days, depending on the project size it may even take several of these mediocre artists over months until good results are achieved.

No this is neither economical nor in the interest of companies that want to make profit. Reduce the work from days and weeks to minutes and put available manpower into really important things? The artist could learn something else? Adaptation is the first step here.

Shouldn’t we rather ban this mediocre work? Every day the Internet is flooded with images not only from AIArt but also from mediocre and bad artists. Pictures that no one wants to see, pictures that are just badly made, pictures that are ugly. No one complains about them. Or I do, I complain about wasting time in feeds where only mediocre stuff can be found, that sites like FurAffinity have no quality standards for their images.

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Consistency with artists

One advantage of Artificial Intelligence is clearly the consistency with which it works. While with artists, work to work sometimes has strong quality differences, can be worked with an AI permanently in the same style and the image is recreated in seconds or minutes. From a large collection we can now choose from 100 images 1 image that meets our Requirements, rather then using the First Picture the Artist come up with.

Finally I can create images

As an independent developer in many fields, I hardly have time to develop my skills in painting or creating artwork. Since even in my fields I sometimes have to compete against artificial intelligence. Is it a bad thing? No it is not in my eyes, sooner or later the progress will be artificial intelligence and destroy many of our jobs. However, that doesn’t mean that you will be left behind.

The AI cannot yet create its own images, it still needs people to tell it what to do. And whether I bring my idea or imagination with the help of a pen on a sheet of paper, or by an artificial intelligence through my choice of words on a sheet of paper, the difference is that I can do it with the help of the AI in a few minutes and achieve results that are beyond good and evil without spending hours.

Or do I spend many hours on it?

We work with Midjourney’s Artificial Intelligence. The creation of images is very fast. But the results are bad in 99% of the cases, same you would hire an “Real Artist”. The creation of a good image can still take several hours and even with 500 generated images is often not 1 image that I find technically and aesthetically perfect. So more images have to be generated until it comes to a solid result.

However, it is still faster and more efficient than hiring an artist. Since i can bring my Imagination on a Screen and not rely on the imagination of someone else!

Flooding platforms with AIArt? Ban AIArt!

Personally I am against AI artists flooding platforms with images. Clearly I can generate 100 good images a day, but these 100 images should not necessarily be uploaded somewhere on platforms.

The choice is free to expand an own website like our with an AIArt section. Platforms like Instgram are used to post the BEST, really only the BEST images generated by the AI.

More pictures can be viewed on our website. But just because I have 1000s of pictures, that does not mean that they are all good and appropriate to share them somewhere on the Big Platforms.

A small demonstration

Lonely Robot on a Red Planet
AIArt Generated Picture Galery Preview

Themed Robot Pictures

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Themed Robot AIArt Generation

Lonely robot on a red planet

To create this image, more than 150 images were generated until we slowly but surely got solid results we were satisfied with.

After another 100 images we were able to get the results we were after.

This did not take 5 minutes but it took multiple hours to get to this Result.

It is possible for us to create pictures in Minutes. But to feed the artificial intelligence with the right words, to choose the right style, to create better images from previous ones. This still requires time, patience and human labor.

Banning AIArt is wrong in my eyes

Now we come to the conclusion. I think it is definitely wrong to ban AIArt from platforms where art and images are concerned. This is definitely the wrong sign.

I would be happy for regulations like “upload 1 AIArt per day or 2 per day to the platform”. This should prevent that various idiots post 100s of pictures that are also only of mediocre quality.

Other regulations would be that you have to clearly define that it is AI Art.

Of course, the platforms are free to ban AIArt, but I see no future for these sites then. People go where they expect the best or most beautiful content. 99% of people are not really interested in who created it, but it’s just about what was created, and was it worth the time to look at it.

Clearly, it comes to the big platforms such as DeviantArt and ArtStation and how they position themselves on this subject and whether there are any efforts from other sides such as industry and governments in this direction to introduce regulations.

Until then, what do you think of the whole thing?

I myself will no longer visit platforms that ban AIArt, and I guess many people will follow along. The result will be that those “real” artists will live in their own little bubble and nobody will be interested in them anymore. It will become what it is, a hobby and artists will just support other artists in the future, or not, because it already shows that artists with medium skills don’t get any attention anyway and with the uprising of the AIArt, everyone can become an Artist!

Female Women Illustration as Oracle of a Tribe

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Continue with my AIArt Work

I for one will continue to work with Art from Midjourney‘s Artificial Intelligence and use it in our game development.

It’s incredibly fun to create images and immerse yourself in the fantasy.

It’s almost addictive to create these images and you can’t stop because the results are fabulous.

If you are an Artist of the Old School, don’t feel attacked by this Post. It is Controversial and might hit you directly, but be sure its not directed on you personally!

Imagine me as a Webdesigner compete against all those Homepage Builder. You Guys using Software to create your Own Websites or using Shopify and other Shop System to avoid in getting contact with Webdesigners. You Guys giving a Shit about us as Webdesigner Artists and rather use Software that generates your Website Procedurally and Visually. Stop Complaining! Everything has is up and downsides and the World is not only Black and White! It also has Yellow, Red, Brown and other Colors!

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