Explorer of the Lost

The Game is In Development Estimate Release is end August 2022 on Itch.io

You are a traveling explorer who has traveled to a distant land infested by demonic invaders. Their magic has twisted the landscape itself so that no one knows where anything is anymore. With your help, the invaders can be forced back into the hell from which they came. The landscapes around you are changing, as an explorer you have to find the secrets and eliminate all the demons on your way.

Explorer of the Lost Game Information

Explorer of the Lost Header

The Prophecy

On the day the red lady reveals her true self, a glorious child of the gods will herald the reign of mankind and a time of prosperity.

Additional Rules for Digital Version
Check Section Rule Changes from Original
Short Randomized RPG
Character Progress
Items and Shops
Dice Based Battle System
Dice Based Random Map
Achievements to Unlock
Secrets to Discover
Goals to Reach

Created with Love

Lot of Audio Files,
Listen to a Beautiful Voice
The game time varies between 30-60 minutes.
Achievements grant an additional 30 minutes of play time.
The game is rouge-like and has no save options.
Explorer of the Lost Header

Original Explorer of the Lost Page Sheet

Explorers of the Lost “Page” is originally a solo role-playing game by Nicholas Fletcher. Originally developed as a physical table-top role-playing game, we liked the idea so much that we’ve now put Nicholas Fletcher’s idea of Explorers of the Lost Page into a stand-alone computer game.

Check Out his Itch.io Page

Additional Credits

2D artists who creates highquality game assets.

Get Fantastic Hand-Drawn Assets Now!

The Game contains and make use of various Icons from https://game-icons.net/​
Authors: Lorc, Delapouite & contributors
License: CC BY 3.0

The Attribution is herby proudly granted.

Rule Changes from Original

This Game Changes should give the  Player Goals to reach inside the Game to keep intentions for playing and some sort of self competition!

Defeated Demons and Clan Kill Counter

Is a Demon Defeated Cross the Demons Event.

Is the Demon Clan Defeated Increase Clan Kill Counter.

In Case you Roll the Event Number of a Defeated Demon you can Reroll the Dice, or Scout and Move to another Area.

Flee from a Demon

To make the PC game less difficult, we have added an escape mechanic to the game so that the player can escape if they do not damage the demon.

After a Battle Round if you haven’t wounded the Demon, You might wanna Flee from the Demon, Loosing 1 Gold if you have more then 0 Gold and Roll a D6. If the Dice Roll is 5 || 6 add a Black Dot to the Demon you Flee from.

Days Passed

Every Major Action pass a Day Exploration Time.

Some Actions might take longer then One Day.

Major Actions

  • Scouting: 1 Day or 3 Days
  • Move to Land: 1 Day
  • Fight a Demon: 1 Day
  • Gather Resources: 1 – 2 Days
  • Buy a Item: 1 Day
  • Rest: 2 Days

Game Goals

  • Defeat the Demon King and Queen as fast as Possible
  • Discover and Survive the Flame Palace in under 50 Days
  • Discover and Survive the Shadow Palace in under 50 Days
  • Defeat 10 Demon Clans before Day 50
  • Survive more then 100 Days

Explorer of the Lost Creation

is created with Zeus Unite – Unity Assets available on the Unity Asset Store

  • Zeus Unite – Monsters
  • Zeus Unite – Item Database
  • Zeus Unite – Game Core
  • Dice Generator
  • Enum Editor


The development time of this game was 12 days using the Zeus Unite assets, which already have more than 1000 hours of work in themselve and can be used to quickly create games with Unity. The Explorers of the Lost Project, shows  Zeus Unite Assets in an active game environment.