Easy Audio for Unity

With this Asset, you can implement an Audio Controller with Audio Settings and User Interface within 5 Minutes into your Unity Game. Audio for Unity is Lightweight and fits on top of the Majority of Projects without Changes.

Get your Game ahead with Audio for Unity Settings

With this Asset you can implement an Audio Controller with Audio Settings and UserInterface within 5 Minutes to your Unity Game.

#EasyAudio has a light Setup and can be used in every Unity Game through every Scene.

Easy #Audio gives the Player full control over the #Volume. The Settings are saved at Runtime and are available in the next Session.

Easy Audio for Unity Cover Image Shows the Logo of Easy Audio a Golden Music Note with Brackets around and the Easy Audio Tag

History of Easy Audio

We from Stusse Games often join Game jams – itch.io. One of the major  problems on those fast created #Games are that they lack of Audio Settings to adjust the Volume. Since the most #GameJams allow certain #Assets in the Game to increase the Quality of those Indie Games, we Created  a small Unity #Asset Package to implement Audio Settings for your Indie Game in just a few Minutes.

Easy Audio for Unity Features

Easy Audio for Unity future Plans

We have planned some Additions for Easy Audio in the future, so we can extend it over Time.

Free Easy Audio Additions

Object Pooling System

Easy Audio Pro (Maybe Someday)

Round Robin Sound Effect for Shooting

Editor Edition to Setup Easy Audio.

Easy Audio Unity, is for , or simple Every Unity Game

Easy Audio Support

We try to offer some basic Support around Easy Audio and help other Indie Devs out with questions or help as far as we have time.

Best Practice

Before you send out your Request to Us, make sure you have checked the Manual and completed all the Steps necessary to implement Easy Audio to your Project. Make also sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions in the Manual.

Try to Setup Easy Audio in a Clean Unity Project, or Check the Demo about the Setup. Maybe you can figure out yourself what you did Wrong.

Describe Your Problem short and Quick, Insert Screenshots with your Problem and Code, give a short Explanation what you did.


You can #Contact and #Hire our #GameStudio, to get our Help and Experience for your Unity Game #Project. We  are  Experienced in Game Development and Marketing.