Zeus Unite Item Editor

How To Open the Item Editor in Zeus Unite – IDM #

Navigate in the Navigation on Zeus Unite -> Item Database Management -> Item Database Editor

The Item Database Management Editor should open now.

  • Click at Navigation Tabs on Item Editor

The Item Editor Window Should open now

The Item Editor inside the Item Database Management System #

Once the Item Editor is open you receive an overview of Items existing in all existing Databases.

In the Navigation you can switch between Create Items, Edit Items and Remove Items.

Quick Item Selection #

In the Item Overview you can directly select Items to Edit. Enables the User for Quickly Navigate through Items in the Database.

There are multiple Lists in the Editor available.

Create Items #

In the Create Section you can Add new Items to the Selected Database. The Item Type gets automatically defined by the Database.

Edit Items #

In Edit Item Section you can Edit existing Items from a Selected Database.

Remove Items #

In the Remove Item Section you can Select existing Items and Remove them entirely from the Database.

Updated on May 21, 2022