Create, Edit and Remove Attributes from the Item Database

How To Manage the Attributes in Zeus Unite – IDM #

Navigate in the Navigation on Zeus Unite -> Item Database Management -> Item Database Editor

The Item Database Management Editor should open now.

  • Click at Navigation Tabs on Attributes and Tags

The Database Editor Window Should open Now

Setup the Attributes Database #

Create and Add new Attributes to the Database #

  1. Enter a new Attribute Name
  2. Press Add to Add the New Attribute to the Database

The Database File Name will be Created inside the ZDI Folder and the Enum Name gets generated inside the ItemType.cs with a Unique ID.

You will receive a Success or Failure Notification. Check the Console for Debug.LogWarning to get additional Information.

Edit Existing Attributes in the Item Database #

Remove Attributes from the Item Database #

Debug LogWarnings #

Incorrect Data #

You haven’t entered a Name or the Name is Database.

Item Database Already Exists #

There is already a Database existend with the entered Name.

Updated on May 21, 2022