Aircraft Sketch Shooter Update #3

Steam Summer Sale Picture for Video Games with Aircraft Sketch Shooter Design

Aircraft Sketch Shooter is now in Summer Sale We are giving the game its 3rd update to improve the overall quality of the game. We also implement the new Server API and bring back the Highscore lists. Now the Steam Summer Sale has also just started. We’d like to thank everyone who helped us get […]

Update #2 For Aircraft Sketch Shooter

Update #2 For Aircraft Sketch Shooter goes Live. We Improved the Gameplay and Overall Experience in Aircraft Sketch Shooter. Additional Languages Available AircraftSketchShooter will be now available in Multiple Languages.English, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified) and Portuguese. The Game detects your System Language and change the Language based on your System. New UserInterface The […]

Aircraft Sketch Shooter Features

Read More about Aircraft Sketch Shooter 10 Individual Boss Behaviours Various Behaviours 34 Scripts are Controlling the Enemy Systems in Aircraft Sketch Shooter. Each Boss has his own Individual Behaviour Certain Aircraft Behaviours are Randomized to give endless Variation in Movement. Boss Phase The Bosses are Seperated in 2 Phases, Phase One starts after Wave […]

Aircraft Sketch Shooter Improvements

The Original Aircraft Sketch Shooter Project wasnt meant to be Released. It was more a Project to Test and Try certain things in Game Design. We had the Plan to release other Games, which looked more Promising. But after a long Time we decided to took Aircraft Sketch Shooter and its Unique Style to the […]

The History of Aircraft Sketch Shooter

The Restart The Project Files of Aircraft Sketch Shooter first were Created in June 2018 The Founder of Stusse Games used this project to improve his Skills in Unity and Programming over the Years. Through the time passing, priorities Changing and new Ideas coming up, the Game Aircraft Sketch Shooter covered with Dust, always was […]