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While developing Programs or Video Games, often there are  Code that is not prepared for certain Actions. A Developer often doesn’t experience certain Bugs because he never summons the Situation for certain Bugs, since he know how his Code or User Interface is working.

Testers and also later Players will even in the most optimized Programs and Games be able to find Bugs.

Its really hard to prepare a Programm for every circumstances. But luckily we can Change our Program and Fix thos Bugs.

Help us to make our Programs and Games Bug Free

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If you Encounter a Bug in our Programs or Games, please take a couple Minutes to send us a Message about and explain what happen.

We need you!

    Please provide some information on how we perhaps can reproduce the Bug.

    privacy policy.
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    We Appreciate all the Help from our Community

    In Order to improve ourself, our Games and other Products, we appreciate all Feedback and Bug  Reports.

    Thanks everyone who supports us!

    Find those Bug's

    In Order to find the Bugs, you have to Think like a Bug!

    No not really. More like a Player because they are doing the weirdest things when handling Programs and User Interfaces.

    So better be prepared for some incredible Bug digging and how to Avoid them  in  the first Place.

    Consulting Stusse Games

    You can #Contact and #Hire our #GameStudio, to get our Help and Experience for your #Unity Game #Project. We are  Experienced in Game Development and Marketing. We can test Games and search for Bugs,  is your Game a Unity Project we are also able to Fix them in your Project.

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