Base Sketch Defender – 48 Hours Improve The Game

48 Hours are now Over in the Score Space Game Jam #11

What we have done for our Game Base Sketch Defender the last 24 Hours.

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Make it Dark, The Light System

Visual Cone of the Light System in Base Sketch Defender

The Game itself has no Light. So the Enemies are walking through the Dark.

The Player need to Build and Upgrade Lamp Posts and Towers to get View on the Playfield.

Structure Lights

Every Tower and Structure in Base Sketch Defender has his own Light Setup, some Towers and Structures gain a higher Light Cone and Intensity with Upgrades.

Tower Range

The Light Cone also Visualize the Range of each Towers.

Range can be Upgraded at various Towers and Structures.

Individual Bullets

Each Tower has his Individual Bullet with own Behaviour which can be Adjusted through the Tower Upgrades.

Implemented Basic Features:

Different Towers:

There now 3 Type of Towers, Projectile, Energetic and Explosion. Each Tower has its own Benefits and Individual Upgrades.

Different Structures:

Command Center and Lamp Post, to give you more Income and Visibility.

Individual Upgrades

Each Tower and Structure can be individual Upgraded.

The UI Changes based on the Selected Tower or Structure.


Spawn Manager , Field Randomizer and Enemies

Random Playfield

The Player can decide how the Playfield is Setup.

Spawn Portals

Choosing the Amount of Portals that Spawn Enemies. Each Portal Spawns a certain amount of increasing Enemies over Time.

Spawn Spots

The Player can Decide how many Base Building Spots he wants to Play with.


The Playfield can be various Times randomized until the Player like the Setup.

Enemies Behaviour

Video Showing the Enemies Travelling through a Portal in Base Sketch Defender

The Enemies are Travelling through Portals and Teleport from Location to Location.

As Closer the Enemies get to your Towers and Structures as more furious they will get. So shooting and killing them in Time is necessary to avoid Damage.

Conclusion about the 24 – 48 Hours of Base Sketch Defender

We have been implemented and created alot of additonal Stuff. The Prototype of the Game is almost done and Playable.

The next Steps is to make the Enemies Decide when to Shoot and which Target to Shoot. Premade Sounds need to be implemented to give the Game more Action.

If there is enough Time in the next 24 Hours, we want to implement the Research Center to give the Player more Variation to Upgrade his Structures and Influence the Game.

The Highscore System needs his Section to get Displayed in the Game aswell as on our Website Stusse Games

Itchio Link: Score Space Jam #11 Game Jam: Score Space Jam #11

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