Base Sketch Defender – 24 Hours

The First 24 Hours of the Game Jam Score Space has been over.

There are 48 Hours left on the Clock to finish a Game after the Theme, Teleportation and Upgrade with Highscore List.

Stusse Games decided to make a Tower Defense related Game for this Game Jam.

Choose your Tower, Aim and Shoot

Core Mechanics:

Buy and Upgrade Towers and Buildings

The Player can Buy Towers to Defend their Base against Incoming Enemies. With Research and Money the Player can Upgrade the Towers and Buildings

Action Tower Defense

The Player has to Aim and Shoot with his Tower on Enemies to kill them.


Different Towers with different Strengths. Splash Damage, Higher Range, and other Abilities will give the Game Variation to Upgrade and play Through.

Teleporting Enemies

Enemies come in Waves through Portals. They also use the Portals to Teleport on the Field.

There are Different Type of Enemies.

Strengths and Weakness

Enemies have their Weak Points, some Towers might be Stronger or less Effective against certain Type of Enemies then others.

Highscore System

The Game has a Global Highscore System which Tracks Score, Survival Time and more.

Start The Project : Base Sketch Defender

So our Core Mechanics were Decided. Now we had to Build the Game around that Ideas.


We start Out our Rough Prototype

Placing Turrets and Buildings

Controlling Turrets and Shooting.

Shooting Turrets

The Player can Buy and Place his Turrets on Predefined Spots.

Those Turrets have a Range and beeing Controlled by the Player.

The Portal

Enemies Travel through Portals and Teleport from Position to Position

As closer they come as more they will Shoot.


Enemies Open a Portal at Random Time. Once the Enemy opened a Portal he is Invulnerable until his Teleport to the new Position is Done.

The Basics are Done

So the Core Mechanics are now implemented. It was Time to give the Game some Menus

Main Scene User Interface to Start the Game and Navigate through the Menu as Highscore and Settings

The Main Menu gets a simple Design like all Stusse Sketch Games. For upcoming Highscore and Settings the Buttons were also already implemented.

The Game User Interface from Base Sketch Defender

To Count the Players Progress we extend to In-Game User Interface and added for the Highscore System a Highscore Manager that keep track of the Killed Enemies, Survival Time and Score.

Highscores and The Database

Our choice of Database is the Microsoft SQL Database. In Combination with the Entity Framework it is fast and easy to Handle. Our Server and Database has already a Pre Setup during other Projects.

Code from Server to Access Player Information with Entity Framework

Player can Choose a Name, to make a Unique Identification we grab the Motherboards ID Number and use it as Unique Key to Identify the Players.

Database Tables from the Microsoft SQL Database for Base Sketch Defender Highscore System

The Database Design is relative Simple and contains 2 Tables. The Game Information gets send by the Player to the Server and everything gets Calculated on Serverside.

Conclusion about Base Sketch Defender:

The Game is in a Good State so far. The Core Mechanics are working. Now its Time to improve the Visual Quality and implement some premade Audio.

The Amount of Towers and Enemies will be Increased aswell as the Buildings and give them some Effect.

Stay Tuned for more….

We are Releasing our Aircraft Sketch Shooter on Monday 11, 01 2021

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