Aircraft Sketch Shooter


Aircraft Sketch Shooter is a Arcade Top Scrolling Shooter in Ink Style.

Choose your Aircraft


You can Choose between various Aircrafts to play with! The Aircrafts have different Strengths and Weakness.

Choose your Graphic Style


Change the Graphic Style to the Style you like, change between various Color Modes and Dark or Bright Mode.

Aircraft Sketch Shooter Features

  • Different Aircrafts

    Different Aircrafts

    The Player can Choose between different Aircrafts he can Play with. Each Aircraft have different Strengths and Weakness.

  • Unique Boss Fights

    Unique Boss Fights

    The Player can Choose between different Aircrafts he can Play with. Each Aircraft have different Strengths and Weakness.

  • Global Highscore

    Global Highscore

    A Global Highscore List will encourage Player to go on Highscore Races against other Players.

  • Power Ups

    Power Ups

    While playing the Game the Player will find various different Power-Ups to Collect. Some of them will have a positive some a negative Effect.

  • Different Weapons

    Different Weapons

    The Player can gather Weapon Power-Ups to increase the Power of their Aircraft.

  • Endless Level

    Endless Level

    In an Endless Procedural Generated Level, the Player can go for Highscore Races in an never Ending and always randomized Unique Level.

Full Controller Support


You can Play with Keyboard or Keyboard + Mouse or with Controller. You can Bind your Keys Individual.

Gameplay Scene

Gameplay in Golden Bright Graphic Mode Player Shots bullets and a Enemy got hit, showing its explosion effect.

Aircraft Selection

Unique Aircrafts to Choose and Adjustable Difficult Settings for the Player Buttons to Start the Game or leave

Level Selection

Choose between 11 Unique Levels and a Procedural Random Generated Endless Level

Gameplay Scene

Fighting the Boss Helicopter in Dark Blue Steel Graphic Mode

Online Statistics

Your accomplishments get Saved Online. The Player is able to compete against other Players for the Highest Score in the Levels.

Gameplay Scene

Flying with the BF109 against Helicopter and Gunships. The Dark Graphic Mode gives a nice Touch to the Gameflow.

Aircraft Sketch Shooter - Description

Aircraft Sketch Shooter is an Ink Style Themed Game. This fast paced Arcade Shooter gives the Player alot of variation to play through the Game. The Player is able to choose between different Aircrafts with unique Characteristics.

There are multiple Graphic Styles the Player can setup and choose his individual Style to play through the Game. Alternative theres also a Dark Mode which increases the Challenge of the Game and is more friendly to the Eyes.

In 11 Levels the Player encounter Unique Boss Fights with individual and challenging Behaviour. After the Levels are defeated the Player can go on Highscore Races against other Players and try to Climb the Highscorelist.

Aircraft Sketch Shooter will be available on Steam and

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