Aircraft Sketch Shooter Update #3

Aircraft Sketch Shooter is now in Summer Sale

We are giving the game its 3rd update to improve the overall quality of the game. We also implement the new Server API and bring back the Highscore lists. Now the Steam Summer Sale has also just started. We’d like to thank everyone who helped us get this far with our Indie Game Aircraft Sketch Shooter and give everyone the chance to buy the game for 75% of the original price.

Thank you all for the Support!!

Irene and Alex

Changes and Fixes Overview in Update 3

  • Highscore System Online again
  • User Interface Improvements
  • Tutorials Improvement
  • Linux Version
  • Achievement Bugs
  • German Language Improvements thanks to Victor – affe_mit_Waffe

Highscore System

After our Server Crashed we could restore the Database but not the API.
So we wrote the Entire API new and embed in a Blazor WASM System as Project furthermore this new API will be also used in upcoming Games such as Defender of the Turrets : Warp Attack

New Aircraft Sketch Shooter User Interface

We Improved the User Interface through the entire Game to make it look more modern and to give the Users a better Experience.

Improvements on the Tutorials

Tutorials in the Level will disappear now after 5 Seconds by their own and don’t interrupt the Game Play anymore.

Bugs in Aircraft Sketch Shooter

  • Fixed: Achievement Bugs
  • Fixed: Linux Version File Missing
  • Fixed: Cursor does not Show up in Pause Menu

Language Update

German Language has been Updated, thanks to affe_mit_waffe a Community Member who made a better German Translation.

More Information about the API Project follow the Stusse Server Buttons

Aircraft Sketch Shooter Press & Business

If you are a Content Creator, Streamer, Magazine and others and wanna Review Aircraft Sketch Shooter. Get in Touch with us at

We will Provide you Access Keys, aswell as Keys for your Community for a Give Aways.

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