Aircraft Sketch Shooter Press Kit

We provide for you the Player’s and Content Creator a Press Kit.

Whats inside the Press Kit

  • Banner, Product Cover, Product Portrait
  • 36 Screenshots about Menus and Gameplay
  • 2 Aircraft Sketch Shooter Splash Pictures
  • Player Aircraft Gif
  • PowerUp and Aicraft Picture
  • 6 Short Trailer in mp4 Format Twitter Ready
  • Aircraft Sketch Shooter Promotion Trailer
  • 7 Stusse Games Logos
  • 1 Stusse Games Intro

You can Download the Presskit here: Google Drive Link

Game Information:
  • Genre: Arcade Shooter
  • Theme: Military, Aircraft, Sketch Design
  • Game Style: 2D, Twin Stick Shooter
  • Game Engine: Unity 2020
Game Description:

Aircraft Sketch Shooter is an Ink Style 2D Arcade Action Shooter. This fast paced Top Down Scrolling Game gives the Player alot of variation to Play, by choosing different Aircrafts and set Individual Handicaps.

Game Features:
  • Different Aircrafts to Play with
    Choose between 3 Different Aircrafts to Play with.
  • 10 Unique Airfields
    Play through 10 Unique Airfields with Unique Boss Fights.
  • Achievements
    Unlock more then 20 Achievements while playing through the Game.
  • Highscores
    Local and Global Highscores can be Set in all Airfields
  • Challenges
    Play different Special Designed Challenges and test your Skill and Reaction Time
  • Unique Graphic Style
    You can Choose between various Graphic Color Settings to match your Style.
  • Endless Level
    In an Endless Generated Level you can Test yourself with any Aircraft to the Limits.
  • Power Box – Power Up and Down System
    You will encounter Power Ups and Power Downs in the Game, all Powerups grant additional Scores. Some will Boost your Weapons, Repair your Aircraft, Deal Damage to your Aircraft, call Additional Enemies. Lets have some Fun collecting all those Power Boxes.
  • Unlock Secrets
    The Game contains some Secrets that can be Unlocked while Playing the Game. Watch out for them.
  • Controller Support
    The Game can be played with Mouse and Keyboard aswell as with a Game Controller. Individual Keybindings can be Set aswell.

Press Kit Content

Product Portrait
Product Cover
Gameplay Screenshots
Short Videos in the Press Kit

We are not displaying All on the Website, you can find more after you have downloaded the File and unzipped it.

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