Aircraft Sketch Shooter Improvements

The Original Aircraft Sketch Shooter Project wasnt meant to be Released. It was more a Project to Test and Try certain things in Game Design.

We had the Plan to release other Games, which looked more Promising. But after a long Time we decided to took Aircraft Sketch Shooter and its Unique Style to the next Level.

Read More about the Restart of Aircraft Sketch Shooter.

Power Box

In June 2018, Aircraft Sketch Shooter become a Power Up and Down System, which can be used in different Kind of Games since the Design it very Dynamic and also will be implemented in future Stusse Games lsuch as Aircraft Sketch Booster.

Creating a own Input System

One Year later in June 2019 we went back to our Training Project and we have created our Own Input System for Unity. This Input System can be used in any other type of Game we gonna Create in the Future. It might be not necessary anymore with the New Unity Input System, but the System works.

It was a Rough road until the Point to be able to finally can Setup the Steam Page. It took a long time to get all the Informations ready, especial the Tax Informations.

But once the Game Page was released, we know now theres no Way Back anymore. We gonna turn Aircraft Sketch Shooter in a well Designed Arcade Action Shooter.

Over the Time the Aircraft Sketch Shooter have become alot of additional Features.

Redesign The Weapon System
EMP Bomb Explosion and All Weapon Systems Activated, Special Shot, Rocket Shot, Laser

We Redesigned the Weapon System. The Old one was very Hard to Use since the Player had to Press Multiple Buttons to Activate Each Weapon.

The Player also had to Collect Ammo in order to Use those Weapons.

This was not Fast and it was more Frustrating then Fun. So we Changed it up to a System you have to Press Just Fire and Collect Weapon Power Ups to Boost your Weapons.

Its now much Simpler and also makes more Fun.

Different Graphic Styles

To give the Player more Variation we implemented different Shaders and used Post Processing from Unity to mix in some different Colors and a Bright and Dark Mode for the Game.

The Sounds and Music

Always in the Background were those Sounds and Audio Clips running, We cant descibe how often we changed the Sounds, until this moment. It took quite a while to find the correct Sounds for all the different Elements in the Game.

When we First Announced the Game on Steam

The Game Size Increased since that Announcement Day really rapidly.

In just 2 Months the Project Size almost doubled the Size of Programming Code.

We implemented a Retry System, Added additional Boss Behaviours, Challenges.

We added alot of Effects to the Game and Animations.

All around this we also started to Build up our Twitter Account, Setup our Website and doing the Basic Things all around that.

The heaviest Time consuming Task might was to Improve the Quality of all our Aircraft Sprites. We took them all and Increased the Visual Quality of each Single Aircraft and Helicopter.

We are still Testing and Adjusting the Game Stay Tuned…..

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