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10 Individual Boss Behaviours

Various Behaviours

34 Scripts are Controlling the Enemy Systems in Aircraft Sketch Shooter.

Each Boss has his own Individual Behaviour

Certain Aircraft Behaviours are Randomized to give endless Variation in Movement.

Boss Phase

The Bosses are Seperated in 2 Phases, Phase One starts after Wave Five and Phase Two starts after Wave Ten.

Some Boss Aircrafts will Change in Phase 2

Wave Design

The Incoming Waves

The Player will Encounter in all Airfields Enemies coming Inside, they follow a Path smooth and if they Alive at the End the gonna Repeat and come from the Beginning again.

Endless Waves

We Created a Randomizer that can Generate the Waves automatic.

Weapon System

The Old Weapon Design was very Boring, You had to press Multiple Buttons to activate the Individual Weapons and Collect Ammo through Power Ups.

So we Redesigned the whole Weapon System and added the Laser Weapon.

We Designed the Weapon System so it is simple to Use, Fast and create alot of Visual Effects. The Player can Increase the Strength of each Weapons by collecting more Weapon Power Ups.

When the Player gets hit there is the Chance to loose the Weapons. Chances how the Weapon Power Ups get spawned changes through the entire Game.

All Player Aircraft have their Individual Visuals on all Weapons.

Power Box

Power Ups and Downs

Aircraft Sketch Shooter

Through the Game there are Spawning different Kind of Boxes which the Player can Collect to Boost the own Aircraft, or Activate Handicaps, to Increase the Scores.

Collecting Power Ups and Downs, might Attract additional Enemies once they are Collected.
Power Ups

Increases the Score, Grants Weapons, Life and more.

Power Downs

They might Damage your Aircraft, or call additional Enemies, but they also will Increase your Score

Graphic Style

Bright and Dark Mode with Golden and Red Color Setup

Aircraft Sketch Shooter has a Unique Art Style. The Game itself is 2D and the Artwork is Handdrawn. Everything is Black and White.

We wanted to give the Game a little bit more Variation and thought about how we can bring in some Colors.

After a bit of Research and with the help of coding some Shaders and Unity’s Post Processing we were able to bring up our Own Graphic Settings Menu.

The Player can choose between different Premade Color Sets and Bright and Dark Mode. The Dark Mode also makes the Game a bit more Challenging.

Nighthawk Old – New Sprite

Prototype Old – New Sprite

Over the Time we also increased the Visual Quality of all our Aircraft Sprites. It took along Time to go through the entire Set of Aircrafts and Helicopters to give them a Polish.


To Give the Player some sort of Variation to play the Game we implemented the Challenges. This Special designed Airfields are about Dodge Bullets, Survive as long as possible and more.

Retry System

A Big Gameflow improvement, but also a Big Problem to implement.

It took a while until the Retry System from Aircraft Sketch Shooter was fully working. The Original System never was designed to hold such a System.

The Player can Retry a Airfield 3 Times when he dies at the Boss Waves after Wave 5 and Wave 10

Endless Airfield

The Endless Airfield is designed to never Stop. The Player either has to Exit the Game or Die in order to End this procedural Generated Level.

The Level is always Randomized and with Endless Waves it never Stops running.

Like in all Airfields every 10 Waves there Spawns a Boss Enemy that has to be defeated.

Achievements and Scores

Are Saved Individual for Airfields

There are over 30 Achievements that can be achieved during playing the Game. To encourage Players to play through the Game, they can Achieve, Achievements. Local and Online with Steam.

All Achievements Displayed from Aircraft Sketch Shooter

Local Statistics aswell as Highscores gets saved Individual on each Players Device.

Global Highscore List

We Implemented a Highscore System in Aircraft Sketch Shooter. The Player sends after each Airfield played Data to our Server. A Unique ID gets generated for every Device and Player to identify them in the Database.

Filter List

The Player is able to Filter the Highscore Lists after different criteria.

Once the Selection is done the Highscore List gets Build Up and shows the Individual Highscore aswell as Rank.

Visit the Scoreboard
On our Website, Visitors can check the Actual Scoreboards of Aircraft Sketch Shooter Live

Difficulty Adjustments

Difficult Settings
Double Life:

The Player can Change the Enemie Aircrafts to the Double amount of Life. The Game gets really Challenging if the Enemies not get Killed Quick Enough

Double Enemies:

The Regular Spawner will Spawn the double Amount of Enemies, the Game gets very Stressfull if this Mode is Activated.

We tried a bunch of Difficult Options, if they fit for the Game and can be Balanced well. Like the Weapon Overheat or the Hill Collision which didn’t make it into the Final Release.

When Weapon Heat was activated every Shot the Player took with his Aircraft, Heated Up the Weapon, the Weapon Heat decreased over Time if the Player stopped Shooting. Once the Weapon was Over Heated the player couldn’t Shot anymore until the Weapon was cooled down.

The System was hard to Balance and didn’t matched to a Fast-Paced Theme since the player were forced to Stop Shooting.

Different Aircrafts

The Player can Choose between 3 Different Aircrafts he can Play with.

Their Movement Speed and Power are different, so Player can Adjust the Difficulty aswell by choosing the Aircraft.


Aircraft Sketch Shooter looks like a relative small Game. But isn’t it Impressive how much Mechanics and Features you can put inside such a Indie Game.

To Combine all those Mechanics and make them work together, thats were making Games become Real and Hard Work.

From the Beginning to the End we Spend more then 1000 Work Hours to come to this Point in the Project were we are able and being about to Release the Game.

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