Prompts and AIArt generated by Stusse Games with Midjourney's Artificial Intelligence

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AIArt by Stusse Games

On This Page we decided to keep you informed about our Journey with Midjourney’s Art Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence.

We wanna invite everyone to follow us on this Path.

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Generating Public Art

On our Discord you can watch us create art and the process behind it.

The images are created live with prompts that we enter.

Unfortunately, we can’t create images from you directly or create images based on your prompts because it is a violation against Midjourney’s terms of service.

But you are free to make a Midjourney Subscription and create images with Midjourney’s AI in our Discord as well, we are happy to help you out.

We’ve prepared a whole section for Midjourney AI art for you, and we’re excited to see what images you come up with.

Inspire and create artwork. Live and in real time!

Stusse Games AIArt Discord Server Channels and Prompts Channel

Join Us on Discord

If you are an AI artist yourself and a subscriber to Midjourney’s Artificial Intelligence, we would be happy to invite you to join our Discord server.

Latest Midjourney AIArt Stusse Games Galleries

AIArt StusseGames Instagram Death Women

Themed Death Women AIArt Generation

While we were trying to Create Skeletons for our upcoming Table Top Dungeon Legends Crawler the Artificial Intelligence of Midjourney came up with some beautiful Side Pictures while trying prompts

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Robot AIArt_StusseGames_Watermarked_LonelyRobot

Themed Robot AIArt Generation

Exploring the Robot AIArt Theme was very interesting. Midjourney’s Artificial Intelligence created fantastic AIArt, but still to get to the Endresult we were satisfied we created beyond 200 Pictures.

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Stylized Blue Dog

Themed Dog AIArt Generation

Creating these images and artworks with the Prompt Dog didn’t go so well at first.

But after a few hours the results got better and better.

We developed several approaches based mainly on the German Shepherd, as it is one of the most popular and also well known to Midjourney Artificial Intelligence.

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Galaxys AIArt Watermarked Cosmic Woman Blackhole WebP

Themed Galaxys AIArt Generation

The creation of these images and artworks with the Prompt Galaxy is very interesting. The artificial intelligence seems to improve the quality of the images based on the realistic prompts.

The –chaos tag leads to amazing results

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