Creating AIArt Lion King Image with Super Sayajin Hairs

5 Tipps Creating AIArt with Midjourneys Discord AI

With our 5 Tipps Creating AIArt you will be an Expert in Creating Images with Midjourneys AI and creating amazing Pictures right from the start.

It’s easy to create a wide variation of images using Midjourney’s artificial intelligence. In just a few days, you can create thousands of images, none of which will look good. With our 5 Tipps to Creating AIArt you will find quickly a Way to your Style and create stunning Artificial Artwork.

1 Start a new thread in a channel or continue in a main Discord channel.

Create a thread on your Discord server, this is optional. But creating threads will keep your work organized and more accessible. You can also continue in a main Discord channel.

If you have no own Discord Channel, why not Joining our Discord Channel and Create your Art with us. You are able to Create Threads and give your Fantasy Freedom.

We are happy to Invite you to our Discord, which is not so crowded as the Midjourney Discord.

2 Start with your prompt and consider your ratio.

-ar 16:9 for landscape or 9:16 for portrait, as the result of the image will be affected by the format you choose.

3 Refine your prompts with standard keywords.

Here are very common keywords for Midjourney Artificial Intelligence that you should not miss when creating AIArt.

Use Object Design + Prompt when you want to create objects.

Use Character Design + Prompt, if you wanna Create Characters, Humans and others.

4 Lighting effects and background

Creating lighting effects within an image can be achieved with prompts that contain lighting

Red lighting, blue lighting, room lighting, sun lighting

Great effects can be created for images with additions such as Atmospheric and Volumetric.

However, you can also try to prevent the background with the variable –no background

other options are to use prompts like solid white background or blank background

5 Render and Styles

Midjourneys AI creates various AIArt based on renders or style prompts. Popular render tags are

Unreal Engine, Octane Renderer, Cryengine Renderer

Styles and image quality can be changed with prompts such as.

Comic style - Manga style - Anime style
Photorealistic style
8K and UHD
Cinematic lighting

Experimenting with these prompts will give you amazing results in your AIArt.

Let us know in the Comments what kind of Prompts you are using and think produce amazing Results!

Hope you could find this Post Interesting and Informative.

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